CHECK is Korea’s leading financial information terminal designed to provide investment analysis information by Koscom.

Information Service for financial Market

  • CHECK provides domestic/overseas securities market and financial market information for investment.
  • CHECK provides real time data/chart with elevated analysis information of equity, bond, futures/options, FX, economic and financial information, overseas Security market.
  • Corporate financial analysis, Business news, Market conditions and Disclosures and various information are available.
  • CHECK Expert+ is Korea's leading information service actively used across securities companies, investment trust companies, banks, insurance companies and government institutions.



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Financial Information Product

API & News Service

  • Provides financial information in API format.
  • Searches financial information with Restful API.
  • Delivers financial information via Web Socket in Real time.
  • Realtime Robo-News based on Rules.

OPEN Data Service

  • Data delivery service in various delivery format.
  • Provides data in JSON, XML, CSV format.
  • Provides varieties financial data.

K-FTP Data Service

  • Koscom - MFT(Managed File Transfer) Service
  • Supports various protocols like SFTP/FTP/HTTP/HTTPS et c.
  • Customer management and efficient operation through Web management/monitoring
  • Supports compression delivery, successive download, Secured delivery.

DataMall Service

  • Internal data shopping mall for security data.
  • Provides the best used data in market by categorizing types.
  • Enables various forms of analysis by extracting what's needed for users themselves.
  • Provides financial information of equities, sectors, futures/options, bonds and more.

Cyber IR & Market Data Service

  • Financial information service shown in customer web page.
  • Homepage IR for listed companies including current price of stock.
  • Stock data ticker

Subscription Guide

CHECK Expert+ Services Fees

(Monthly Service fees per terminal VAT not applicable)
Division Cost Special Remarks
Basic Charge $242 Provides Stock Market Information (i.e. KOSPI, KOSDAQ), Futures, Options, Funds, Foreign Exchange, Economic Data, News, Charts, Offshore Market Data, Public Announcement, Basic Company Information
Network Maintnance $24 Network connection and maintenance fee
Subtotal $266
Optional Service Bonds $83 $146
(Special BOND-BOND+Premium BOND)
Bond Market Information (i.e. KRX, KOFIA), Bond Yield, Corporate Bonds, Debentures, Yield Curve, Bond Trading Information, Fixed Income Market News
Premium BOND $83 Portfolio valuation, Analytics, Yield Ratio Table, Foreign Bonds Issued Information
KOFEX $25 - Commodity Futures (Korea Treasury Bonds (KTB), US Dollar, Lean Hog, Gold et.) Information
EXCEL $17 - Data download & Edit
KIS-INFO $83 - Detailed Corporate Information from Korea Information Services
Premium FUND $83 - Fund Information (Portfolio, Fund Analysis, Rankings, Charts, etc.)

Security Deposit : $798

CHECK Expert+ Subscription

Do yeon Hwang Tel. 82-2-767-8652  (e-mail :
Hyung Kyun Kim Tel. 82-2-767-8527  (e-mail :
Gil Hyeong Cho Tel. 82-2-767-8559  (e-mail :

Customer Support

PC/Network CHECK Errors 82-2-767-8764
Network Errors 82-2-767-7070
CHECK Contents Equity, Derivatives, News et c. 82-2-767-7934,   767-8526,   767-8611,   767-8618
Bond, FX, Overseas et c. 82-2-767-8730,   767-8792,   767-8793