CHECK is Korea’s leading financial information terminal designed to provide investment analysis information by Koscom.

Information Service for financial Market

  • CHECK provides domestic/overseas securities market and financial market information for investment.
  • CHECK provides real time data/chart with elevated analysis information of equity, bond, futures/options, FX, economic and financial information, overseas Security market.
  • Corporate financial analysis, Business news, Market conditions and Disclosures and various information are available.
  • CHECK Expert+ is Korea's leading information service actively used across securities companies, investment trust companies, banks, insurance companies and government institutions.



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번호 제목 등록일 첨부문서

Financial Information Product


  • Provides Financial information in API format
  • Searches Restful API financial information
  • Delivers Real time Financial information via WebSocket

OPEN Data Service

  • Data Transfer Service in various format
  • Provides in JSON, XML, CSV format and more.
  • Porvides divers financial information

K-FTP Information Service

  • Koscom - MFT(Managed File Transfer) Service
  • Supports various protocols including SFTP/FTP/HTTP/HTTPS.
  • Easy operation and customer management through Web management/monitoring
  • Supports secured/compressed Transfer and other Transfer methods.

DataMall Information Service

  • Internet Security Data sales mall.
  • Provides the most used data by categorization
  • Allows various analysis by user-picked items
  • Provides various information on securities, business sectors, futures, options, bonds et c.

Web Service for Stock Price

  • Allows client to see financial information on their Web page
  • Homepage IR for listed companies including current price.
  • Security information tickers

Subscription Guide

CHECK Expert+ Price List

(per terminal/VAT excluded)
Division Usage Fee Details
Standard Fee $340 Security (Exchanges, KOSDAQ, Freeboard), ELW, ETF, Futures/Options, Bond(Basic),
FX, Economy, Financial information, Overseas, Credits, Disclosures, News,
Market conditions, Corporate information
*Network fee included, additional 12,000KRW for LAN
Initial Installation fee $100
ADSL Connection fee $30(LAN Connection fee $200), Installation fee $70
(Fee will be charged a month after installation)
Deposit $1,512
Deposit before installation will be returned after cancellation.
Optional LCD Monitor Free LCD Monitor 23" 1대
$30 LCD Monitor 23" dual
Bonds $100 Real time price for Exchange market/OTC, Statistics, Ratings, OTC Derivatives data et c.
Bongs(Premium) $50 Analysis data, Unit calculation analysis, Overseas bonds, Overseas rates, composite screen et c.
KOFEX $30 Spot/Quotes products, Futures/Options data, Analysis, Charts
EXCEL $20 Data download/Edit available
Corporate Information $100 Corporate information provided by KIS Rating(Listings/Registration/External audit applicable corps.)
Fund Information $100 Performance, Fund information, Yield rate, Risk information, portfolio, Top Fund managements
Cretop Service $100 KED Ratings provided by Korea Enterprise Data
FnStock $100 Investment analysis data, biz info, investment attractiveness, top-picks et c. provided by Fn Guide.
Fn Consensus $100 Investment information, Reports, Macro indicators, Screener, Earning surprise et c. provided by Fn Guide.
Overseas Market Refer below 해외정보 이용료 표 참조 Major Asia Indices of USA, CME, Singapore, Eurex, Prebon
Overseas Financial Information 36,000원 Global enterprise financial information provided by FactSet

Global data usage fee

(단말기 대당/월, 부가세 별도)
구분 대상정보 부과금액
아시아·CME 상해, 심천, 항셍, 일본, 대만, CME-Mini 72,600원/월
CME CME-Full 102,000원/월
SGX SGX 파생상품종목 65,000원/월
Prebon Prebon 국채금리, 해외 10,000원/월
Eurex Eurex 정보 55,000원/월
주1) CME-Full : CME E-Mini 종목들을 포함한 전체 종목
주2) CME-Mini : E-MiniS&P500, E-MiniS&P중형주400, E-Mini나스닥종합, E-Mini나스닥100, E-Mini유로, E-Mini일본엔
(관련화면 : 6370, 6372, 6374, 6366, 1002 등)

CHECK Expert+ 신청안내

신청, 설치 및 가격 문의
영업대표 연락처 박정주 차장  02-767-8537  (이메일 :
신동우 차장  02-767-8652  (이메일 :
김형균 차장  02-767-8527  (이메일 :
이성훈 과장  02-767-8725
김아연 사원  02-767-8688  (이메일 :


PC 및 네트워크 CHECK장애 권주병과장 (767-8764)
통신장애 네트워크센터 (767-7070)
체크업무문의 주식, 파생, 뉴스 등 고경훈차장 (767-7934),   이윤선과장 (767-7816)
채권, 외환, 해외 등 허자은과장 (767-8649),   홍석진과장 (767-8615)
금융정보상품문의 기업주가, API 등 김준범차장 (767-7323),   김균형차장 (767-8787)